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tv   WESH 2 News at 430AM  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. jason: it' s 4:30 right now on jason: it' s 4:30 right now on sunrise. the search is on for a trio of thieves who broke into a home in pine hills. how they got away and why it could be the biggest clue for deputies. a teenager accused of running over a police officer could get out of jail. the ruling expected today. plus, president obama' s final state of the union address is tonight. why one seat in the first lady' s box will remain empty. that and the coldest air of the season as wesh 2 news sunrise starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking.
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jason: let' s get you a look outside at these conditions on a very cool morning in downtown orlando with 46 degrees. let' s get to first alert weather meteorologist amy sweezey. she has a look at the day ahead. amy: another cool start in central florida. we are nowhere near done dropping as we have several hours to go before sunrise. most of us are in the 40' s right now but we will drop into the 30' s in many parts of the area. we will end up with mostly sunny skies today, a few more clouds compared to yesterday. our temperatures will stay well below average as we top out again in the lower 60' s. a freeze warning in effect through 9:00. that is for our northern spots. flagler and marion are included. a little cloud cover there has made our temperatures not drop
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it is 41 and palm coast. the rest of the area has dropped into the 40' s. 42 at oia. a couple of spots have a bit of a breeze. where we do have that wind at five, 10 miles per hour, that means we are dealing with wind chills. the feel like temperature is 38 in orlando. it feels like 42 degrees in leesburg. a little bit of cloud cover to the north. that will keep our temperatures from dropping. there won' t be a lot of cloud cover, it will still be a cool start and a cool afternoon. we are headed to 68 for the high in ocala. 64 in orlando in winter park. up and down the coast, we will also climb into the low to mid 60' s. it is 4:32 early on a tuesday, let' s get to ted noah.
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i-95 southbound, the offramp to state road 421 is closed for overnight roadwork. if you have -- you have to get off of 95 southbound at u.s. 91 instead. i-4 eastbound, big chunk of construction past ivanhoe all the way to just past the road. one to two lanes are blocked. you will see that i-4 ultimate and you will have to slow down. jason: orange county deputies are on the hunt for three armed intruders who broke into a home and stole a car. the victims live in pine hills. on broken pine circle. authorities say three masked thieves barged into the home just after nine last night. several people are home at the time. one was hurt but not seriously. deputy say the victims do not know the intruders.
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the car after hitting and injuring a three-year-old getting ice cream. the crash happened on cypress street in winter garden last night. daniel monsalve and his 16-year-old brother, luis garcia, had just finished paying the ice cream truck driver, when he was hit. >> the guy in the ice cream truck told me to hold onto the money as he went after the guy and got pictures the license plate and everything. jason: police found the car about a half a mile down the road. but it was abandoned. they know who the owner is, but they are not sure if that is who was behind the wheel. the boy' s family tells us he had an mri at the hospital. as sanford police search for clues in the murder of joshua hur, the community is honoring him with a vigil tonight. the popular convenience store front of kim' s food store two days before christmas. late last week, police released this surveillance photo. detectives believe the people you see here could have information leading to hur' s
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they are not suspects. in marion county, the retrial for a convicted murderer could start as early as today. amber wright is accused of beating and killing 15-year-old seth jackson in 2011. she was found guilty, but a judge later ruled she could be retried. one of the men involved in a burglary that ended in a deadly crash in seminole county will answer to a judge. deputies say spencer thompson was one of the suspects who broke into a home in sanford in november before leading them on a high-speed chase. the suv thompson was in flipped while trying to avoid stop sticks placed on 417. two people in the car with him died in the rack. a judge is expected to announce whether she is reducing bond for a teenager accused of trying to run over and orlando police officer. last july, police say edward kelty ran over officer william
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he fired two shots in return, injuring kelty. anderson' s wife says he has vision problems, a traumatic brain injury and ptsd. as soon as the judge makes a ruling, we' ll bring it to you inside the wesh 2 mobile app. a 17-year-old road rage shooting suspect is expected to enter a plea today. daytona beach police say he shot two people on new year' s eve at a gas station. the victims claimed the teen shot them when they confronted him about a hit and run accident. the teen' s mother says he was chased down and he was only defending himself. now to a developing story, the mother of the affluenza teen will bond out of jail within the next few hours. tonya couch was able to come up with the money last night. a judge reduced her bond after her attorney argued she was too broke to pay couch is accused of $1 million. helping her son, ethan, escape to mexico to avoid a probation hearing. congress could soon punish north korea for its latest nuclear
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today, leaders will vote on a new bill that would expand sanctions on pyongyang. the north korea sanctions enforcement act would deny north korea the currency needs for its weapons programs. north korea claims it successfully tested a nuclear bomb last week, world leaders are still not sure if that is true. expect to hear about terrorism and gun control when president obama gives his final state of the union address tonight. the white house plans to keep an anti-seat next to the first lady as a -- to represent all gun violence victims. bernie sanders and ted cruz will speech. south carolina governor nikki you' ll be able to watch the state of the union address here on wesh 2. that airs tonight at 9:00. governor rick scott is opening the legislative session with his state of the state address. he is expected to call on tax cut package.
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lawmakers plan to tackle gun rights and gambling in this upcoming session. we' re expecting to learn more about the invictus games coming to disney the spring. leaders will be at espn' s wide world sports to plan for the global wounded warrior competition. they will talk development for team usa as well as programming' s and logistics. the invictus games will be at the wide world of sports complex in may. this scene is one of many that are playing out in the heads of alabama fans. he crimson tide won the national championship with a five-point victory over number one ranked clemson. they are still buzzing about the game, including some of these amazing place. >> makes the cut, gets the corner. look out. drake can fly.
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not be caught. touchdown drake. jason: the final score was this is alabama' s fourth years. history in central local places added to the national register. we are checking back in with a woman who lost her army gator attack. >> i have been thinking of how do i deal with students with one arm. jason: what it' s like for her to get to back -- get back to work. a cold morning on central florida. the temperature is still dipping.
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ur amy: welcome back on a tuesday, it is 4:20 -- 42. it will be another cold day in central florida. we will be a little bit warmer than yesterday but we will still be in the low to mid 60' s with plenty of sunshine and just a few scattered clouds. we are starting off even colder compared to yesterday. about five on average degrees cooler this morning. any may still drop through sunrise. the places that are clear will drop a lot more than the places that have cloud cover.
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in marion county. springs. it is 38 in bellevue and laws -- moss bluff. 41 in umatilla. 44 into various. -- in tavarez. 45 in sanford, 41 in lake mary. apopka has dropped to 34. we may drop to freezing there. 43 in hunters creek. closer to the coast, 38 in pearson. 44 in port orange. 40 degrees right now in palm bay. once we get going today, our temperatures will climb into the lower 60' s in most spots. look at how the temperature climb is slow. we will still on the at 58 degrees by noon today.
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seven days making a comeback in a few minutes. ted: we are looking at road work on i-4 eastbound. the area all the way to lee road, you will get one to two lanes blocked by construction. didn' t you look at i-4 -- taking a look at i-4 downtown. 55 miles per hour. turnpike to colonial will only cost you eight minutes. jason: she was attacked by an alligator back in august. five months later, her road to recovery continues. she is back in the classroom teaching at rollins college. adrian whitsett was there for her first day and has this exclusive interview. >> as students head back to cap -- class at rollins college, so does one teacher forced to take
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rachel lilienthal, mostly healed from a attack -- an attack from an alligator. >> i tried to commit it to them that an alligator ate my arm all in spanish. >> she is practice writing christmas cards and thank you' s, preparing for her left-handed debut on the blackboard. >> i' ve written on the board in front of people are ready. >> rachel says the nightmares are over and the phantom pain has regressed. >> i spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but i do not focus on symmetrical pieces. i have had to let that go. >> -- seeing herself in -- with both arms or seeing a gator. >> i just stared at the picture of the gator. i don' t know for people to get into freshwater.
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of the community all keep helping her to heal. >> it has been more than five months and, it is not massive pain. it' s there, it reminds me all the time. >> rachel tells me she still plans to get a prosthesis once her rotator cuff and nerves are healed. she is much more used to her and new normal and she was a few months ago. she is ready for a normal, uneventful semester at rollins college. adrian whitsett, wesh 2 news. jason: several florida landmarks are getting federal protection. haste cottage are now on the register of historic places. the hillcrest house in lake county and does cohan' s in gainesville.
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new today, a new final resting place for veterans and their families on the space coast. the va is marking the opening of the cape canaveral national cemetery. it is 12 miles north of titusville. they bought that land in july of 2012 42 $.1 million. they say it will be able to serve veterans for the -- $2.1 million. the jackpot is now up to 1.4 billion dollars and there might be a way to guarantee your win. at two dollars ticket and one in 292 point 2 million odds. you could buy -- the difference would give you a nice profit. you would have to buy powerball tickets in person. even if you were able
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ticket every second, it would take you more than nine years to buy every combination. racing season revving up at daytona. it is no ordinary road trip for the magic.
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jason: the orlando magic take their show on the road and
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matchup in the u.k. is so important. >> orlando magic left for england yesterday. a long way to go to play one game. it will be against toronto on thursday. careful not to become melodramatic. the magic once again have their feet stuck in the mud. losing now five of their last six games. their loss of the wizards expose the magic' s inability to ask -- stop the wizards offense. the raptors provide an even greater challenge according to scott skiles, who may or may not like the timing of this trip. >> it is what it is. if we go to toronto to play, we are still leaving the country. we have to play well. they are playing really well right now. we have lost to some teams that
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>> a new season of racing begins at daytona in less than three weeks when the -- wayne taylor racing expects to be right in the thick of things. the number 10 prototype part of the door before the 24 testing at the speedway. ricky and jordan taylor are back this year. we are looking for the first rolex titles and back in 2005. there is reason for optimism. ricky taylor had the fastest lap in the saturday afternoon session. yet high hopes for the rolex. having sons that are drivers is very special for wayne. >> it is really incredible. it comes with pressure. they feel it from me and i put
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i think it is a good team.
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jason: we are working on new stories for our 5:00 hour of sunrise. michelle imperato is joining us. michelle, we know that months after that jacksonville toddler disappearance, authorities believe they are found his remains. we will hear what led up to that. michelle: it is back to work for state lawmakers, we are breaking down the biggest issues you' ll hear about in the year ahead. some news not about lamar odom' s recovery, but possible charges. we are learning that there is more consequences for the overdose that put him in the hospital. jason: a big 5:00 hour. let' s turn our attention back to the forecast.
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amy: it is even colder this morning than yesterday and we are not even done dropping. sunrise to not happen until 7:19. plenty of time for those temperatures to drop. make sure the kids have some layers. there is a little bit of frost in some areas. not a lot of widespread frost. temperatures are 30' s and 40' s right to the rest of the morning commute. we dropped so far to 34 in ocala. we do not have a breeze yet but that may still happen. daytona beach at 40 and melbourne 44. it is several degrees cooler than our average for normal temperatures for this time of year. we are now back up to 36 in ocala. the temperatures have come up because we have some cloud cover to the north. in the spots where the skies are clear, temperatures will continue to drop. we are down to 42 in orlando.
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that cool breeze will continue to come in out of the north. a bit of a northwesterly component. lots of sunshine and that cool air coming in means our temperatures will be similar to maybe a degree or two warmer. out of the 50' s. most of us will hit 60 at least today. eustis and 63 today in oviedo. 64 today in st. cloud. we will climb to 59 in flagler beach. 64 merritt island and 65 is where we are headed in palm bay. we will be a little warmer to the south and cooler to the north. there is a freeze watch in effect again overnight tonight into early tomorrow. it includes our northern county, same spots under the freeze warning this morning. im going a little bit warmer
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because we will have a little bit of a breeze coming in. 35 and there will be likely some spots in flagler county, putnam county and even a few places in marion county that may drop to 32 degrees briefly tomorrow morning. most of us will be similar to this morning. 41 is where we are headed for orlando. during the day tomorrow, big ridge of high pressure means lots of sunshine. we will be cooling dry again. we will slowly climb as we continue through thursday staying in the 60' s though. i friday, we are back in the mid-70' s. friday afternoon will likely see some showers. time now for traffic, here is ted noah. ted: just beyond the downtown orlando area on i-4 eastbound, two lanes blocked with i-4 ultimate.
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use u.s. 90 -- jason: the rules for mammograms could change once again. the new guidelines out this morning. an update on just how soon el chapo could soon end up in the u.s.. we are learning how long that exhibition process will likely take. wesh 2 new sunrise at 5 a.m. starts right now. announcer: local, live, late breaking. this is wesh 2 news sunrise in high definition. michelle: you will want to keep a jacket with you this morning as we experience some of our coldest weather -- temperatures yet. what locals officials are doing to make sure everyone stays warm. jason: and orlando neighborhood on edge after three people breaking into a home and steal a car. the latest from deputies as they searched for a suspect. thank you for waking up with us, it is tuesday morning, i am jason guy. michelle: i am michelle
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